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Fish-Free Fish Oil Contest Competitors Announced

10 global companies registered for F3 Fish Oil Challenge, partnerships opportunities still

Seafood Innovation Contest to Develop “Fish-Free” Fish Oil Launches

Fish Oil Challenge seeks innovators to streamline aquaculture feed supply chain

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2018-06-06Contest aims to accelerate commercial-scale fish-free fish feedSeafoodSource
2018-05-21Fish oil alternatives are waiting in the wingsGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2018-05-14Wanted: More omega-3s. But from where?Global Aquaculture Advocate
2018-04-18Fish oil challenge: deadline approachesThe Fish Site
2018-04-10To Go Green, Synthetic Biologists Should Think BlueSynBioBeta
2018-03-28Agitating for a sea changeModern Farmer Magazine
2018-03-13UA Professor Concludes Fulbright Fellowship To Vietnam And MyanmarThe University of Arizona Global Initiatives
The Next Big Aquaculture Investment: Fish Oil Alternatives (English version)
2018-02-06Innovation prize is about ensuring continued growth in aquaculture
2018-01-22F3 Team hosts fish oil challenge webinarsThe Aquaculturists (International Aquafeed)
2018-01-18Fish oil contest RSVVP deadline approachesIntrafish
2018-01-17Fish oil challenge webinars scheduledThe Fish Site
2017-12-19Fish oil alternatives contest aims to end big ‘bottleneck’ for aquacultureUndercurrent News
2017-11-22SynBioBeta NewsletterSynBioBeta
2017-11-15F3 challenge boosts innovation and ocean healthBlack Point Group
2017-11-01Recent News from Around the (magazine)
2017-10-16INTERVIEW: Biomin to Pursue Collaborative Initiatives in Fishmeal Free FeedFeedinfo News Service
2017-10-05Chinese aquafeed company wins F3 fish-free challengeSeafoodSource
2017-10-05Guangdong Evergreen Feed Industry Co. wins F3 (Fish-Free Feed)
2017-10-05独家 | GOAL2017官方发布《全球虾类产量报告》,收藏!
2017-10-04Aquaculture feed producer Evergreen wins F3 ChallengeGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2017-10-04Chinese feed giant wins F3 Fish-Free ChallengeUndercurrent News
2017-10-04Evergreen Feed Industry wins F3 Challenge promoting fish-free aquatic Magazine
2017-09-25Indian Commercial Aquafeed – The Changing Market LandscapeUndercurrent News
2017-09-20Prize on offer to company selling fish-free “fish oil”
2017-09-19Seafood Innovation Contest to Develop “Fish-Free” Fish Oil LaunchesThe Aquaculturists
2017-09-13Chilean BioTech Company TerraVia Will Get GAA's Innovation Award for Algae Based Omega-3 Salmon
2017-09-11Opinion: Eat a (Farmed) Fish, Save the
2017-09-11Feed group launches fish oil contestIntraFish
2017-09-08F3 launches Fish Oil
2017-09-08Innovators sought for $100k fish oil
2017-08-31How to provide a protein-rich diet to a growing
2017-08-03Can Synthetic Biology Make Our Oceans More Sustainable?SynBioBeta
2017-06-29Algal oil debuts with high DHA and organic seleniumAlgae Industry Magazine
2017-06-22F3 Challenge commits to UN Sustainable Development
2017-04-29Camelina oil gets greenlight as fish oil replacement in Canadian
2017-02-27Grain traders prepping fish oil substitutes for aquaculture, health fadsReuters
2016-06-03Team makes breakthrough toward fish-free aquaculture

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2018-06-28Growing Interest In Alternative FeedsWorld Fishing & Aquaculture
2018-06-14Key ocean fish can prevail with changes to farmed fish, livestock dietsScienceDaily
2018-05-14Can corn fuel aquaculture's growth? Veramaris says yesGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2018-05-03Secretary Perry Announces Up to $78 Million for Bioenergy Research Funding
2018-05-01Kemin announces aqua focus with new
2018-04-25Fishing for Answers: Wild-Caught or Farm-Raised Fish - Which Is Better?
2018-04-23KnipBio partners with ICM to scale-up production of single-cell protein for aquacultureGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2018-04-19A more robust algae farming industry in the US will provide us with new and sustainable agricultural
2018-04-16No, Tilapia Is Not a Mutant, Boneless, Toxic Fish, Despite What the Internet SaysVice
2018-03-26Is It Time to Give Up on Fish Oil?The New York Times
2018-02-14US - Cargill projects crops will become cheapest new source of omega-3 fatty
2018-02-12Blue Circle Foods, Kvarøy and BioMar Produce Salmon with Double the Omega-3 ContentBusiness Insider
2018-02-08Crops will become cheapest new source of omega-3 fatty acids, Cargill saysUndercurrent News
2018-02-06Rabobank: Novel aquaculture feeds will boost marketability of farmed seafoodUndercurrent News
2018-02-05Feed Innovation Network: A streamlined aquafeed ingredient evaluation toolGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2018-02-05Why Salmon Eating Insects Instead of Fish Is Better for EnvironmentNational Geographic
2018-02-01[Scientific Article] Fillet Quality and Processing Attributes of Postsmolt Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, Fed a Fishmeal-free Diet and a Fishmeal-based Diet in Recirculation Aquaculture SystemsJournal of the World Aquaculture Society - Feb. 2018 Issue
2018-02-01 [Scientific Article] Replacement of Fishmeal with a Blend of Poultry Byproduct Meal and Soybean Meal in Diets for Largemouth Bass, Micropterus salmoidesJournal of the World Aquaculture Society - Feb. 2018 Issue
2018-02-01DHA and EPA rich algal oil JV to reach commercial stage in
2018-02-01The feed behind our
2018-01-04USDA ARS aquaculture feeds research focuses on plant-based
2018-01-04‘Critical’ Peruvian anchovy situation might lead to tight fishmeal market in 2018Undercurrent News
2018Infinity - sustainable aquafeed to meet the global needsSkretting
2017-12-12Waste Not, Want Not: Drink Beer To Feed Fish And Help Save The PlanetNPR
2017-12-05Western Innovator: Quest for sustainable aquacultureAquaculture Magazine
2017-12-05New Project Launched To Revolutionise Fish Feed For AgricultureAquaculture Magazine
2017-11-16Fishmeal alternatives, artisanal fishing focus of startups’ innovation effortsUndercurrent News
2017-10-26内容紧贴市场需求 世华会上恒兴专场论文报道火热
2017-10-17This Startup Turns Climate Pollution Into Fish FeedFast Company
2017-08-18No constraints, no limitations – the infinite age of N3 is hereSkretting
2017-04-11[Scientific Article] A transdisciplinary approach to the initial validation of a single cell protein as an alternative protein source for use in aquafeedsPeerJ
2017-04-01[Scientific Article] An oil containing EPA and DHA from transgenic Camelina sativa to replace marine fish oil in feeds for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.): Effects on intestinal transcriptome, histology, tissue fatty acid profiles and plasma biochemistryPlos one
2017-01-27Rebuttal to "A revisit to fishmeal usage and associated consequences in Chinese aquaculture"
[Scientific Article] A revisit to fishmeal usage and associated consequences in Chinese aquaculture
Stanford FSE
Reviews in Aquaculture Journal
2016-06-18A Little Fish with Big Impact In Trouble on U.S. West CoastYale Environment 360
2014-06-03The end of fishThe Washington Post

Alltech Founder Pearse Lyons discusses the need to solve the fish feed problem in aquaculture.

Dr. Sunil Kadri, Thoughts on the Future in the Pecha Kucha Style