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2019-09-09F3’s ‘fish-free’ feed competition to expand with salmon, shrimp categoriesUndercurrent News
2019-09-04F3 team launches carnivorous fish feed competitionThe Fish Site
2019-09-04New fish-free challenge issued to feed producersFishFarmingExpert
2019-09-04Nuevo F3 Challenge se enfocará en alternativas de harina de pescadoSalmonExpert
2019-09-04F3 Challenge launches competition to innovate fish-free feed for carnivorous speciesFIS
2019-09-04New fish-free challenge issued to feed producersThe Washington Fish Growers Association
2019-09-03F3 Challenge Launches Carnivore CompetitionAquafeed
2019-09-03Third F3 Challenge centers on carnivoresGAA
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2019Konar, Manaswita et al. "Illustrating the hidden economic, social and ecological values of global forage fish resources."
2019-08-21F3 Challenge partners with fish producers to test fish-free fish oilFeed Navigator
2019-08-21Call for Proposals: Seafood Expo North America Conference Program
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2019-08-08How Sharks Glow to Each Other Deep in the Ocean
2019-08-08Mowi, China feed giants to test winning ‘F3’ formulaUndercurrent News
2019-08-08Mowi commits to testing fish oil-free salmon feedFIS
2019-08-07Mowi to test F3-winning fish oil alternative in feedWashington Fish Growers
2019-08-07Mowi to test F3-winning fish oil alternative in feedFish Farming Expert
2019-08-07Mowi to test fish oil-free salmon feedThe Fish Site
2019-08-07Mowi to test fish oil-free salmon feedWashington Fish Growers
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2019-06-20Buyer's Guide - Suppliers' News - Headline
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2019-06-07Supermarché Match begins selling Lingalaks salmon raised on Veramaris’ algae-based feedSeafoodSource
2019-06-06Salmon novelty in France: Supermarché Match launches salmon fed with Veramaris’ innovative natural marine algal
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2019-05-20Canadian BSF producer gets CFIA approval for in-feed useFeed Navigator
2019-05-17Veramaris in lead at halfway point of fish feed competition, prize money increasesFeed Navigator
2019-05-17F3 Fish Oil Challenge prize money doublesThe Fish Site
2019-05-16Money prize doubles for F3
2019-05-16F3 Challenge doubles prize after fund donation
2019-05-15F3 Challenge doubles prize after fund donationFishFarmingExpert
2019-05-11Gambia: Millions Of Dead Fish Wash Up Paradise BeachGreen World Warriors
2019-05-09Anne Kapuscinski receives 2019 Ocean Award for innovationUCSC
2019-05-08Calysta and Thai Union Offer World First Taste of Commercial Shrimp Fed FeedKind
2019The winners of the Ocean Awards 2019: Innovation
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2019-04-23Aquafeeds aimed at consumers: a recipe for successThe Fish Site
2019-04-12Dutch alliance to close nutrient cycles, boost feed resource efficiencyFeed Navigator
2019-04-05FEED-X Challenge
2019-04-05Rainbow trout to be raised commercially on fully plant-based
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2019-03-05In brief: Singapore to open agri-food innovation park in 2021Tech In Asia
2019-03-05探讨鱼粉鱼油替代 20余国水产大咖云集F3无鱼饲料潜力企业论坛掀头脑风暴Fishfirst.cnf3challenge
2019-03-04Sales challenge laid down in fish oil alternative gameFeed Navigatorf3challenge
2019-03-04Mowi spreads net wide for alternative feed productsFishFarmingExpert
2019-02-28Algae oil producers gaining scale, markets, momentumUndercurrent News
2019-02-27Fish FoodCraig Medred News
2019-02-26Aquafeed moonshots at the F3 ‘talent show'Global Aquaculture Advocate
2019-02-25Guidance for EU insect food and feed sector in how to implement best hygiene practicesFeed Navigator
2019-02-25Silicon Valley meets alternative fish feedsIntraFish
2019-02-21Off-take agreements key for alternative ingredient makers to reach scaleUndercurrent News
2019-02-21Creating a Fish Oil Alternative for Fish FeedFishFarmingExpert
2019-02-19Fish-free feed blog: Alternative ingredients gaining acceptanceUndercurrent News
2019-02-18Dutch firm leads fish oil-free aquafeed challengeThe Fish Site
2019-02-18Kepley BioSystems to Attend Annual F3 (Future of Fish Feed) MeetingEIN NewsDesk
2019-02-07Aquaculture Frontiers, part 2: Who will disrupt the salmon industry?Undercurrent News
2019-02-06Future-proofing aquafeed needsThe Fish Site
2019-02-05Portuguese insect feed start-up to build first full-scale production unit in 2019Feed Navigator
2019-02-04Sales Challenge laid down in fish oil alternative gameFeed Navigatorf3challenge
2019-01-30All of our 2018 stock is fed on algae oil feedSalmonBusiness
2019-01-30Veramaris will cover salmon’s omega 3 needs with marine algae from the American MidwestSalmonBusinessomega-3
2019-01-29Norwegian firm launches algal-oil-fed salmon at German retailerIntraFish
2019-01-23Four firms vie for title in F3 Fish Oil ChallengeSeafoodSourcef3challenge
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2019-01-18Wood could be the next sustainable way to feed fishFishFarmingExpert
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2018-08-08Supplemental taurine may boost fish growth support fishmeal replacementFeed Navigator
2018-08-02UK scientists trial GM feed to boost omega-3 levels in farmed salmonUndercurrent Newsomega-3, oil
2018-07-16New Tariffs Could Hurt Tilapia’s PopularityBloomberg
2018-07-09The Science — And Environmental Hazards — Behind Fish Oil
2018-06-28The next hurdle in sustainable fish feed? Making moneyIntra Fish
2018-06-28Growing Interest In Alternative FeedsWorld Fishing & Aquaculture
2018-06-18Study examines sustainability, scalability of feed ingredientsUndercurrent NewsFeed
2018-06-14Avoiding the ecological limits of forage fish for fed aquacultureNature.comReport, Forage fish
2018-06-14Key ocean fish can prevail with changes to farmed fish, livestock dietsScienceDaily
2018-06-06Contest aims to accelerate commercial-scale fish-free fish feedSeafoodSourcef3challenge
2018-05-21Fish oil alternatives are waiting in the wingsGlobal Aquaculture Advocatef3challenge
2018-05-14Wanted: More omega-3s. But from where?Global Aquaculture Advocatef3challenge
2018-05-14Can corn fuel aquaculture's growth? Veramaris says yesGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2018-05-03Secretary Perry Announces Up to $78 Million for Bioenergy Research Funding
2018-05-01Kemin announces aqua focus with new
2018-04-25Fishing for Answers: Wild-Caught or Farm-Raised Fish - Which Is Better?
2018-04-23KnipBio partners with ICM to scale-up production of single-cell protein for aquacultureGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2018-04-19A more robust algae farming industry in the US will provide us with new and sustainable agricultural
2018-04-18Fish oil challenge: deadline approachesThe Fish Sitef3challenge
2018-04-16No, Tilapia Is Not a Mutant, Boneless, Toxic Fish, Despite What the Internet SaysVice
2018-04-10To Go Green, Synthetic Biologists Should Think BlueSynBioBetaf3challenge
2018-03-28Agitating for a sea changeModern Farmer Magazinef3challenge
2018-03-26Is It Time to Give Up on Fish Oil?The New York Times
2018-03-13UA Professor Concludes Fulbright Fellowship To Vietnam And MyanmarThe University of Arizona Global Initiativesf3challenge
The Next Big Aquaculture Investment: Fish Oil Alternatives (English version)
2018-02-14US - Cargill projects crops will become cheapest new source of omega-3 fatty
2018-02-12Blue Circle Foods, Kvarøy and BioMar Produce Salmon with Double the Omega-3 ContentBusiness Insider
2018-02-08Crops will become cheapest new source of omega-3 fatty acids, Cargill saysUndercurrent News
2018-02-06Innovation prize is about ensuring continued growth in aquaculture industryFeednavigator.comf3challenge
2018-02-06Rabobank: Novel aquaculture feeds will boost marketability of farmed seafoodUndercurrent News
2018-02-05Feed Innovation Network: A streamlined aquafeed ingredient evaluation toolGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2018-02-05Why Salmon Eating Insects Instead of Fish Is Better for EnvironmentNational Geographic
2018-02-01[Scientific Article] Fillet Quality and Processing Attributes of Postsmolt Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar, Fed a Fishmeal-free Diet and a Fishmeal-based Diet in Recirculation Aquaculture SystemsJournal of the World Aquaculture Society - Feb. 2018 Issue
2018-02-01[Scientific Article] Replacement of Fishmeal with a Blend of Poultry Byproduct Meal and Soybean Meal in Diets for Largemouth Bass, Micropterus salmoidesJournal of the World Aquaculture Society - Feb. 2018 Issue
2018-02-01DHA and EPA rich algal oil JV to reach commercial stage in
2018-02-01The feed behind our
2018-01-29Feed Innovation: The Multi-Billion Dollar Effort To Drive Aquaculture GrowthUndercurrent News
2018-01-22F3 Team hosts fish oil challenge webinarsThe Aquaculturists (International Aquafeed)f3challenge
2018-01-18Fish oil contest RSVVP deadline approachesIntrafishf3challenge
2018-01-17Fish oil challenge webinars scheduledThe Fish Sitef3challenge
2018-01-04USDA ARS aquaculture feeds research focuses on plant-based
2018-01-04‘Critical’ Peruvian anchovy situation might lead to tight fishmeal market in 2018Undercurrent News
2018FAO State of the world fisheries and aquaculture 2018Fao.orgReport, Forage fish
2017Reduction Fisheries: SFP Fisheries Sustainability Overview 2017Sustainable FisheriesReport, Forage fish
2017Fish to 2050 in the ASEAN RegionWorldFishReport, Forage fish
2017-12-19Fish oil alternatives contest aims to end big ‘bottleneck’ for aquacultureUndercurrent Newsf3challenge
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2017-11-22SynBioBeta NewsletterSynBioBetaf3challenge
2017-11-16Fishmeal alternatives, artisanal fishing focus of startups’ innovation effortsUndercurrent News
2017-11-15F3 challenge boosts innovation and ocean healthBlack Point Groupf3challenge
2017-11-01Recent News from Around the (magazine)f3challenge
2017-10-26内容紧贴市场需求 世华会上恒兴专场论文报道火热
2017-10-17This Startup Turns Climate Pollution Into Fish FeedFast Company
2017-10-16INTERVIEW: Biomin to Pursue Collaborative Initiatives in Fishmeal Free FeedFeedinfo News Servicef3challenge
2017-10-05Chinese aquafeed company wins F3 fish-free challengeSeafoodSourcef3challenge
2017-10-05Guangdong Evergreen Feed Industry Co. wins F3 (Fish-Free Feed) prizeAquafeed.comf3challenge
2017-10-05独家 | GOAL2017官方发布《全球虾类产量报告》,收藏!Fishfirst.cnf3challenge
2017-10-04Aquaculture feed producer Evergreen wins F3 ChallengeGlobal Aquaculture Advocatef3challenge
2017-10-04Chinese feed giant wins F3 Fish-Free ChallengeUndercurrent Newsf3challenge
2017-10-04Evergreen Feed Industry wins F3 Challenge promoting fish-free aquatic Magazinef3challenge
2017-09-25Indian Commercial Aquafeed – The Changing Market LandscapeUndercurrent Newsf3challenge
2017-09-20Prize on offer to company selling fish-free “fish oil”Feednavigator.comf3challenge
2017-09-19Seafood Innovation Contest to Develop “Fish-Free” Fish Oil LaunchesThe Aquaculturistsf3challenge
2017-09-13Chilean BioTech Company TerraVia Will Get GAA's Innovation Award for Algae Based Omega-3 Salmon FeedSeafoodnews.comf3challenge
2017-09-11Opinion: Eat a (Farmed) Fish, Save the PlanetEnsia.comf3challenge
2017-09-11Feed group launches fish oil contestIntraFishf3challenge
2017-09-08F3 launches Fish Oil ChallengeAquafeed.comf3challenge
2017-09-08Innovators sought for $100k fish oil challengeFishfarmingexpert.comf3challenge
2017-08-31How to provide a protein-rich diet to a growing populationEconomist.comf3challenge
2017-08-18No constraints, no limitations – the infinite age of N3 is hereSkretting
2017-08-03Can Synthetic Biology Make Our Oceans More Sustainable?SynBioBetaf3challenge
2017-06-29Algal oil debuts with high DHA and organic seleniumAlgae Industry Magazinef3challenge
2017-06-22F3 Challenge commits to UN Sustainable Development GoalAquafeed.comf3challenge
2017-04-28Camelina oil gets greenlight as fish oil replacement in Canadian aquafeedFeednavigator.comf3challenge
2017-04-11[Scientific Article] A transdisciplinary approach to the initial validation of a single cell protein as an alternative protein source for use in aquafeedsPeerJ
2017-04-01[Scientific Article] An oil containing EPA and DHA from transgenic Camelina sativa to replace marine fish oil in feeds for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.): Effects on intestinal transcriptome, histology, tissue fatty acid profiles and plasma biochemistryPlos oneOil
2017-02-27Grain traders prepping fish oil substitutes for aquaculture, health fadsf3challenge
2017-01-27Rebuttal to "A revisit to fishmeal usage and associated consequences in Chinese aquaculture"
[Scientific Article] A revisit to fishmeal usage and associated consequences in Chinese aquaculture
Stanford FSE
Reviews in Aquaculture Journal
2017-01-19Amaranth leaf offers potential protein for fishmeal
2017-01-10New diet for farmed barramundi
2017Frequently Ask Questions: Barramundi
2016-03-18Over 24 million Chilean salmon now dead from toxic algae bloomSeafood Source
2016-06-03Team makes breakthrough toward fish-free aquaculture feedphys.orgf3challenge
2016FAO State of fisheries 2016Fao.orgReport, Forage fish
2015-06-18A Little Fish with Big Impact In Trouble on U.S. West CoastYale Environment 360
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2011-11Forage Fish: Feeding the California Current Large Marine EcosystemOCEANAReport, Forage fish
2010-9Research validates forecast declines in shrimp fishmeal, fish oil requirementsGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
2009-05-01Alternatives to fishmeal perform well in low-salinity shrimp farm trialGAA
2006-04-06Supplementation of taurine and methionine to all-plant protein diets for rainbow troutAquacultureStudy