Future of Fish Feed (F3) is a collaborative effort between NGOs, researchers, and private partnerships to accelerate the commercialization of innovative, alternative aquaculture feed ingredients to replace wild-caught fish. Past feeds have relied on wild-caught fish, which is unsustainable since wild caught stocks are declining.

The F3 Team:

1. Launched The F3: Fish Free Feed Challenge in 2015 to create Fish Free Feeds, also called F3. The winner of this challenge was announced on Oct 3-4 at the Global Aquaculture Alliance in Dublin.  The challenge was for an aquafeed company to either produce and sell the most seafood-free aquaculture feed using innovative formulations of proteins and lipids by the challenge end date, September 15, 2017, or be the first to reach 100,000 metric tons (mT) of seafood-free feed sales. Companies from Australia, Austria, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Africa, Thailand, and the U.S. competed. A list of companies that had sales of verified F3 feed products is here.

2. Held a meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area in Jan 2017 to facilitate networking between the contestants of Fish-Free Feeds and large feed companies.

3. Has launched the F3 Fish Oil Challenge.

The following organizations have committed to supporting F3 efforts:


The following people are involved in the F3 program:


Dr. Kevin FitzsimmonsUniversity of ArizonaFormer President World Aquaculture Society, Aquaculture and Integrated Farming Systems, Aquaculture Extension Specialist, Tilapia Expert, Fullbright Fellow

Technical Advisory Panel

Dr. Rick BarrowsAquatic Feed Technologies, USDA/ARS ret.Nutritionist, Feed and Fish physiology, F3 Chief Scientific Adviser
Dr. Michael TlustyUniversity of Massachusetts BostonSeafood Sustainability, Research Faculty in Aquaculture, Sustainable Seafood Policy and Management
Dr. Roz NaylorStanford UniversityFood Security and the Environment, Economist
Dr. Hillary EgnaOregon State UniversityAquaculture and International Development

Industry Advisory Panel

Chris OakesSynBioBetaBusiness Development Manager

International Advisory Panel

Dr. Ling CaoShanghai Jiao Tong University, Stanford UniversitySustainable Aquaculture/Policy and Management, China
Dr. Loc TranNong Lam University, Shrimp Vet LaboratoryDisease Expert, Vietnam

Project Coordination & Administration

Dr. Elif Demir-HiltonAnthropocene Institute
Alex DriedgerAnthropocene Institute
Dr. Barbara PageAnthropocene Institute
Annie ReisewitzStrategic Ocean SolutionsF3 Media Liaison
Mark PortmanAnthropocene Institute